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The combined effect of habitat loss and climate change means that butterflies and moths are in severe decline across the UK. But... it doesn't have to be that way. Butterfly Conservation is asking for everyone's help in creating more Wild Spaces where butterflies and moths can thrive. Working together we will make a difference!

You don't need a garden to make more room for nature. Whether you live in a flat with a balcony or a house with a patio, you can help make a difference.

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Our interactive map shows the number and types of Wild Space near you. When you sign up in the UK, your Wild Space will also appear on the map so you can show everyone that you're taking action and encourage others to get involved too.

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Our aim is to make every
Wild Space count

Our butterflies and moths are in crisis. Our aim is to help by creating more Wild Spaces across the UK. A Wild Space is simply an area improved to help butterflies and moths thrive.

We've got lots of ideas on what you can do to make more room for butterflies and moths, no matter where you live and the space you have available. Every Wild Space should be free of pesticides, and if you are using compost it should be peat free. Finally, we want to encourage each Wild Space to be permanent - something that you and your local wildlife can enjoy for years to come!

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