Bristol Primary School



The school councillors at this Bristol Primary School carried out some simple assessment work in their school grounds to see how suitable it was for butterflies and moths. The children found that they already had some great caterpillar food plants (fruit trees, willows, wildflowers and long grass) but that they really needed to add some extra nectar sources for adult butterflies and moths. They planted up some raised beds with lavender, marjoram, sedum and other great nectar rich plants.

The school grounds have a number of native trees and shrubs plus a small ‘gardening’ area with fruit trees and some raised beds. A wild area has some established Birds-foot-trefoil and there are areas of grass left to grow long.

Species that might be seen in this Wild Space

Large White butterflies have been spotted visiting the school grounds and a Knot Grass moth caterpillar has been spotted too.

Large White

Pieris brassicae