Create a leaf pile

Here's how to do it

Use fallen leaves to create a winter home for butterflies and moths.

How does it help butterflies and moths?

Lots of different butterflies and moths spend the winter nestled amongst leaf litter, usually in the form of a caterpillar or a chrysalis. The leaves give them shelter from the freezing weather as well as helping to keep them safe from predators.

Making a leaf pile is as simple as it sounds: just gather some leaves in a pile and leave them! You could make it under a tree, at the back of a border, next to a fence or behind a pot or planter.

If you prefer a tidy look, keep things neat by building your pile inside a large pot, a wooden box or a wire cage.

Moths that you could help include: Buff Ermine, Light Emerald moth and Elephant Hawk-moth, all of which form chrysalises amongst leaves.

Species that will benefit from this idea

Buff Ermine

Spilosoma luteum

Elephant Hawk-moth

Deilephila elpenor

Light Emerald

Campaea margaritata