Don’t dig it!

Here's how to do it

Leave your soil undisturbed to help butterflies and moths survive in your Wild Space.

Soil, and the leaf litter on top of it, is home to many creatures, including the caterpillars and chrysalises of some butterflies and moths. Each time the soil is dug over, the carefully balanced ecosystem is disturbed, and the lives of these precious insects are put at risk.

If you can, avoid digging the soil in your pots, planters, beds and borders as much as possible. Leave fallen leaves where they are instead of tidying them away. By doing this you will provide a safe place for caterpillars, chrysalises and other minibeasts in the soil. You may also end up with fewer weeds as you won’t be revealing seeds buried deep down.

Species that will benefit from this idea

Angle Shades

Phlogophora meticulosa

Hebrew Character

Orthosia gothica

Peppered Moth

Biston betularia